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2024 Speakers

Phoebe HernickLogistic Sous ChefPartyman Catering

Hey there, I'm Phoebe Hernick, your go-to Logistics Sous Chef with an 18-year culinary journey under my belt. Believe it or not, I started honing my cooking chops through homeschooling – learning the ropes right in the thick of it.
I've been rocking it at Partyman Catering for the past three years, where I'm the logistical maestro behind the scenes. Details? Yeah, I've got 'em covered. With loads of experience, I make sure everything falls into place smoothly, making our culinary adventures a hit.
Creating unforgettable dining experiences is my jam. Those 18 years in the industry? They scream dedication and a love for whipping up something special. Excited to keep bringing my flair to the world of food!